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by Craig R. Smith


MMM “We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” - Marshall McLuhan

When I was a boy, banks were the pillars of a community; bastions of strength and stability; institutions staffed by honorable bankers who could be trusted.

Sadly, this no longer rings true. The banks have manipulated the financial system to suit their own ends and our faith in their integrity has all but evaporated. The money for which we labor, save for college and retirement, and use to fund this great experiment we call America is no longer honest.

Fear, greed and apathy are the new normal instead of vices to avoid. Buying and selling of favors has replaced moral fortitude and personal responsibility. I have long been of the opinion that every ill we face as a nation today has its roots in the devaluation of our currency.

In this book we will explore the nexus between Money, Morals and the Machine. We shaped the machine, and it has debased our money and morals. Our challenge now is to undo this.

Gresham's Law states that bad money forces out good money. As the government has produced promises to pay in the form of paper money, honest money - gold and silver coins – has been forced out of the system and out of the hands of citizens.

Smith's Law states that as the value of money deteriorates, morals deteriorate, and as morals deteriorate, so does the value of money.

As these two laws play out, both here and abroad, those in power are willing to ignore morality in pursuit of riches. The government is hard-pressed to condemn this mindset because the Federal Reserve can, and does, push a button and create a trillion dollars of “wealth.” It takes many millions of hours of labor by the citizens to earn the same “wealth.”

In these pages we will expose the Machine for what it truly is and how it came to be so all-consuming. We will describe how it survives today and most importantly how to stop it and bring honesty, integrity and morality back to America.

Will you join me on this journey? If so, read on and become part of the solution. (Full Introduction)


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